My Art

Bob Marzewski

A selection of some of my art work over the past couple decades.

Wilton Free Library
Mayan TRIcycle
the Girls

Intelligent Design
Pagoda of Infinite Reflection
a place to stand
old stuff: Wire Trumpets

old stuff: Sculpture Gallery from a decade ago

Wilton Free Library 2012

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Mayan TRIcycle 2012
27'tall, 9000lb of wood and hardware
I lead a team of 15
S.N Jacobson, Photographer

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Bobs Girls

the Girls
Ongoing project, 2010 to present
mutiple media repetitivly


THE END 2008
Wood & cloth
20' tall x 24' wide x 4' deep
I lead a team of 12
Photo by Chad Berkley

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Intelligent Design by wizzard for burning man 2006

Intelligent Design 2006
Plaster, Fiberglass, Wood, Carboard and Paint
one man project
on permanat loan to Lupin Lodge, Los Gatos, CA
Photographer: Di

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Pagoda of Infinite Reflection 2004
I led a team of 25 -50 creating my design
Wood, concrete blocks, metal sheets, mirrors and lighting. 35' tall to top of mast.
My first collaborative piece
Pagoda Night
© 2004 Waldemar Horwat

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a place to stand 2003
Fiberglass and wood
Photo by Dieter Rencken
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Wire Trumpets 1980s
Plated wire


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